The Path

I recently have realized that, while I am fairly active thanks to the full time job and such, I have not been as active as I could be and have taken to brisk walking the paths and pavements of my little swath of the Midwest for some added exercise and a chance to get my heart rate up so it stays healthy. A bonus is that a good walk has always lifted my spirits and helped me to get the activity I need to then be able to sit down and focus on my writing. While the days are growing shorter and the air is crisper, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of being outside without oppressive heat before the cold and ice of winter keeps me cooped up.

I have been thinking a great deal about the paths I have taken in life, especially as I chose which sidewalk to follow on my now almost daily routine. Each crossroad leads to another option, whether it is to continue straight or to turn and follow the next road. Sometimes, I have no choice but to turn, whether it’s because of a dead-end, construction, or simply I just need to start heading home since I am at the half-way point of my walk. Other times, I am on an adventure, going as far as my feet will take me and choosing the path best suited for that adventure.

We all have paths we are walking in life, a story of our own to write. There may be chapters where our paths have twists and turns and blind curves we can’t see around, and there may be chapters where the path is straight and narrow and easily visible for miles. There are forks in the road that we must choose to take, such as new jobs to decide, new relationships to maneuver, or even just financial decisions that must be made. Sometimes, our paths are blindsided by obstacles and challenges. A health diagnosis that we weren’t expecting, a layoff we didn’t see coming, a death we could not prevent. Yet, onward we go, for the point of life is to keep our feet moving along the path as best as we can, no matter what the situation.

We all are on different paths too. We have different goals and hopes and dreams to achieve and things we accomplish at different points in our lives. At some point, paths merge and others walk along side us. They cheer us on, they support us in times of need, and they push us along when we want to falter. At other times, they leave our paths completely, never to return again, whether it is through death, distance, or just the everyday things in life that get in the way.

One thing is for certain though. We don’t need to hinder the paths of others. We don’t need to make their lives harder, nor do we need to look down upon them because their lives are on a different path than ours. For everyone, no matter who or what they are, are all traveling a path that is filled with obstacles and advantages, choices and consequences, their own story to write. And that is where are the magic is.

Keep on your path. Help those you meet along the way, for we all are on this journey called life.

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2 thoughts on “The Path

  1. What is it about this time of year that pulls us to start a new walking routine? Just before the snow and ice push us back inside?

    Love the way you show the different paths! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I know for me, it’s the fact that it isn’t hot (I hate the heat). I would much rather walk outside all bundled up in the middle of winter than walk a great deal in the heat.


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