Free Novel This Weekend!

I often hear: “K. S., I think it’s cool you’re writing. I want to read one of your books….” I also hear questions like “Why aren’t you famous yet?” and “How many books have you sold?” and “Are you even trying to sell your books?”

Here’s your chance to help me become famous AND read a book for free. Until Monday, my third book in the Portals SeriesPortal Seeker – is FREE on Amazon Kindle.

Side note here: If you don’t have a Kindle, Portal Seeker is also available in paperback – but it’s not free.

As the sole heir to the magic of his long-dead grandfather Erynnion, Solilune of Delphian has been an outcast for as long as he can remember because of the memories of the destruction his grandfather caused. As a result, he chooses the life of a nomad, seeking portals in a way that is very different from the legacy from which he was created.

Even though they are the heirs to the Dynasty of the Realm of Original Magic, twins Tetyana and Xavier remain exiled for fear of what they could become. They languish in their banishment, cast there by their mother, who fears them like she fears no other, for they could become more powerful than even she is.

Bound by common ancestors and common magical powers, Solilune and the twins are thrown together in a race to find the answers and the magic that they seek. They also find that they must protect the realm from a darker force that seeks to destroy magic as they know it.

All of my books are always free on Kindle Unlimited too, for the record!

Even if you don’t like fantasy, I urge you to perhaps, maybe, give this a shot or one of my novellas. Several of those who have read my books (including my sole non-beta reader to read ALL of my works so far) have been people who don’t usually read fantasy.

I have been told I remind readers of an old storyteller.

I have been told my books are inspiring and have some great truths.

But I have only had a couple of readers.

I have fifteen works in my series so far – three novels and twelve novellas (shorter stories). Every book is told from a different perspective in the first person and each book travels realms of my own making. Give any one of them a try… since they can be read as standalones (but they do follow a timeline).

If you don’t want to read it but you still want to help, SHARE the word with those you think might enjoy it. All of you who are reading this right now have someone who might love to read. I know you do.

Stay magical, friends!

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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