This summer, my little swath of the Midwest has been having some drought-like conditions. For most of the summer, precipitation was scarce. Yes, we had a storm here or there, but not enough to do more than moisten the ground before the dry warmth of the summer sun baked it up again.

But this past week, we got some summer thunderstorms and some strong rainclouds. They brought much needed and much appreciated relief to the relentless scorching heat. They brought precipitation the grasses and crops willingly lapped up. They brought water the rivers needed to replenish with. They brought a renewal that we all badly need. While they haven’t been able to fully lift us out of the drought, there is some green in the grasses again where there was just brown.

Like I stated in another blog post (Rainy Days and Mondays Don’t Always Get Me Down), I actually love the rain, especially when we have had infrequent rainstorms. And I was elated to see it rain this past week. I hope that we continue to get more rain in the near future, if Mother Nature wishes.

There’s magic in a good rain storm. The way the rain can fall is magical, whether the drops are so misty it is ethereal or so large and pelting it almost feels as if God is having a water balloon fight with the angels up in heaven. It can be somewhere in between those two extremes also.

I write about rain storms in my Portals Series. In Portal Seeker, The Dynast of All She Surveys demonstrates her moods to her children, imprisoned in their portal fortress, but wreaking storms upon them. It is in such a storm that they are discovered by their distant cousin. In Magister, the storm breaks as Ambarre finds her way to catching the foes who left her with tragedy. In Of Tree and Of Iron, a storm helps Sigsten discover what he is truly supposed to do.

Rains are a part of life. Sometimes, they leave us wishing for sunnier days and beautiful weather, but then we learn not to take that beautiful weather for granted. It’s part of the magic of our stories, the nourishment we need from the rain. We need sadness to enjoy the happiness. We need storms to remind us that the wonderful moments of those beautiful days are something to behold.

And I think I will try to dance in the rain on the next rainy day, if I am able to.

Looking back on the blog post I wrote about rain, I never did get to writing a post about Mondays. Oh well. That may be a part of my story in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Rains

  1. Love your post. Yes, rain is necessary, not just for the earth and gardens and wildlife, but for us. To make us stop our outiside work, and do some of the neglected inside stuff. Our bodies and mental health need some “me” time.


    1. Well, I think every season is based on mod even Almighty or ours. Rain is very pure and visible like the inner of every human.

      I am not discussing especially anyone generally it’s based on the nature of humans. Rain is very transparent, visible, and pure.
      When the rain came out from the sky everything was like taking bath and beautifully present about the Nature of Almighty.


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