Newest Novella Released!

I am pleased to announce that the 14th work in my Portals Series has been released.

This, along with Common-Born, are the two novellas that are most near and dear to my heart in the series. If you want to know why, then maybe you should read them!

Note: This is the first novella offered for $1.99. The others are currently $.99 but will be getting a price increase in the future. So act fast if you want the e-books for a deal!

As with all my novellas, I will be editing them into one or two paperback anthologies once all of them are released as singles on e-book.

Alexandra Proctor’s life changed the day the stories died with her mother, the last Keeper of Knowledge in Wythmere in the realm of Maon. Trained in the ways of the Noble Order of Protectors, she swore to put her old life behind her. But when the Portal Seeker accidentally stumbles across her path, she discovers an unlikely connection that rekindles her old memories, as well as emotions she has ignored for so long. As fate and events continue to draw the two of them together, Alex finds she must defend Solilune with all that she holds dear. Can she pick up the pieces of what was once her life and learn to be the Seeker’s Protector?

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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