Newest Novella Published!

NEW BOOK ALERT! Stop scrolling and click the link to read this blog post!

It is with great fanfare that I am pleased to announce that the newest novella in the Portals Series has been published! This makes lucky number 13 in the series.

Common-Born is the story of Morogh, a common-born guardsman in the enclave at Delos who becomes part of an extraordinary adventure.

This is my absolute favorite of the novellas I have written. The journey that Morogh undertakes with certain companions was extra special to write about. If you want to know why it’s my favorite, you must first READ the novella. It is currently only available on Kindle.

As the only survivor in his village, Morogh of Wayfare-By-The-Sea holds only one memory from his young life there. Adopted by guardsmen in the sage’s enclave at Delos, he is also claimed as a foster son to Master Ayamus. When loss comes to the Master’s family, Morogh travels to Delphian with Master Ayamus to be his guardsman. But events and a rift between Master Ayamus and the Portal Seeker threaten all that Morogh has ever known to be true. Will he be able help mend what has been broken? Will he discover all he truly is, or will he find out he truly is just a common-born?

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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