An unproductive night

The other half and I sat outside for about an hour or so last evening, just enjoying the fresh air, the relatively gentle breeze, the ambient temperatures, and each others’ company as we each did our own separate thing. My husband loves radios and is an amateur radio operator, so while I journaled my whirlwind of thoughts onto paper, he tried to connect on the twenty meter band on his little portable battery operated radio, just for fun.

I relish my solitude and my time to think, but I also relish having someone who counts on me as much as I count on him. I relish being able to be alone, but yet together. My other half, even with his gregarious, extroverted nature, also loves his quiet times too and doing his own thing. It’s how we work together so well after all this time.

So I sat outside, watching as the words flowed from ink to journal and spending time watching the way the light progressed across the sky. In addition to this, I listened to him as he tried to connect to others in the world with the same hobby. While he was not successful in actually contacting anyone on his little portable rig with either of the antennas that he tried, he was successful with whatever objective he was trying to accomplish, though the distorted sounds that emitted his radio reminded me greatly of the communications over the radios during the final battle in the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. They mingled with the sounds of the motorcycles and vehicles on the highway outside our little abode, intermittent with the chirps of birds in the evening air and the hum of the air conditioning units that were running.

It was a wonderful time outside, amidst the freshly mowed grass, watching the shadows grow longer and longer as the evening wore on. My husband humored me by going outside, because that was what I wanted to do. And while we enjoyed time spent together, we also had much needed time to work on each of our own avocations.

Sometimes, that kind of time is needed.

Too often we are expected to be productive in this world. But my journaling, in the eyes of most, would not have been seen as productive since I had no real thought as to what I was doing. My husband did not make any contacts, which would cause some consternation with some radio hobbyists because it also was not productive. But yet, we each achieved an objective that we set out to achieve. I just needed to get some of the multitude of random thoughts that swarmed my head out onto the pages of my journal. My husband wanted to make sure his rig and antenna set up actually worked. We wanted to be outside instead of cooped up inside on a beautiful night.

There are, this morning, still dishes to be done in the sink and the trash is almost full, chores that should have been done last night. There are two pages of my personal journal full of trains of thoughts that derailed and go nowhere. The antenna and rig set up are packed away for another day now, hopefully able to make contact some other day. We have nothing to show for our night last night except for some memories and a couple of pictures I snapped on my phone to share with friends, since the cat also joined us on his harness and leash for part of the evening and some quick videos the other half took of his set up. But it was productive for us, since it was time to recharge that we both badly seemed to need.

So maybe, in its own little way, it was productive.

It’s part of the magic that the other half and I try to find in each day (though he doesn’t look for the magic as hard as I do). It’s part of the story we are writing together, even as we each write our own stories as well. It’s the moments we enjoy together, just as we have for nearly fifteen years.

And I would not have it any other way.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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