As I sit here in the early morning darkness, enjoying the melody of the birds as I drink my first cup of coffee in the front room of my parents’ home in the state I spent twenty years of my life in, I am taking a moment to reflect on the day I had yesterday.

Yesterday, I traveled. I flew from my little swath of the Midwest to the West coast.

I spent almost twenty years living in the Sunshine State. Until I married, this was considered my home. Then, needing a change (and a cheaper cost of living), plus having met a man who lived there, I moved to Iowa. That was fifteen years ago.

I have only been “home” to California once in fifteen years before this trip. Finances and job issues have kept me from being able to come back. I have seen my parents a few times in those years, as funerals and family gatherings have occurred, but this is only the second time I have been “home” since I married.

But I digress.

Yesterday, I spent some time pondering as I waited for flights in airports. My first flight was delayed, so I had plenty of time to watch the travelers come and go and listen to reasons why people were traveling. Some were traveling home. Some were going on vacation or flying for business. Some were going to visit family elsewhere. Others were coming back to what was once home to get the rest of their things and move on. Each person had a story to tell, but I only heard a few of them as I sat and waited and worked on edits on my latest novella.

We all have to travel at some point or another, whether it be for work, for family, for pleasure, or for goodbyes. Some travel often, others rarely, but everyone has been on some sort of trip or another in their life. The stories we could all tell about those travels too, if only we also learn to listen.

I’ve been inspired by my travels. Many of the things I have encountered while traveling have become parts of my fictional works as well. Of course, I do twist the travels a bit in my mind, since I write fantasy works more often than not But the bare bones are there nevertheless. Just like this trip may inspire future words.

Find the magic, Write your own story.

I know I will.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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