Newest Novella Published

I’d like to take the moment announce that the next book in my Portals Series is now available on Kindle! This is the eleventh work in the series, for those who are keeping trask.

Like all of my novellas currently, this one is only available as an e-book on Kindle. I am planning to release an anthology of all of the novellas on paperback once I am finished releasing them all. I have found that they are too short to release on their own as paperback options, as each novella is only 60-80 pages long.

As the youngest of the Sons of Lasco, Kyrbus the Magister was known as a reckless youth, even amongst those in his pack of shape-shifting wolves. When he tries to shed that image and become a respectable member of Delphian society, it costs him his image and his family. Living in the edges of the realm in the village of Pyra, he has had a second chance at living the life of his own choosing. But a curious enemy threatens to destroy everything he has worked hard to regain. With the help of his wolf pack, his old friends, and his family of choice, Kyrbus must brave one last adventure to find out if he truly is the Wolf of Pyra.

Feel free to check it out and comment on it if you so choose! I appreciate any and all reviews.

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And as always, #writeyourownstory

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