Mornings are one of my favorite times to write.

Though my recent #NaNoWriMo2021 stats might say otherwise since I updated more often at night, I tend to enjoy doing a great deal of writing in the morning, especially on my days off.

The hubby and I currently live in a smallish apartment and the windows face east. On days off during the spring and fall, I enjoy watching the rising sun through the miniblinds…. which are down because of the blinding light. Of course, our cats enjoy the warm rays that come in as well.

The sun inspires me, just as any dreams I may have had overnight. I also enjoy waking up and then just curling up in my covers in the warmth that was created by my slumber, thinking about what ifs in my head and composing things. I often spend the first half hour of my day on days off just lazing about in bed, curled up with a cat or two… unless I have to feed them breakfast, or course. Thankfully, the husband does that often since he knows I love having that quiet time in bed before starting my day.

When I finally do get up and sit down at my computer, I watch the sun come up from the window next to me. It’s refreshing in the morning. There is a promise of new days and fresh beginnings. There is something about the sun energizing me and the way a mug of fresh hot coffee just tastes as I sip it down. I often write these little blog posts on Sunday mornings, enjoying the view before I get ready for the day.

I do write at all times of the day. I’ve been known to do a few all-nighters, writing with tunes blaring and getting my thoughts down with pen and paper or the keyboard letters clicking away at a mile a minute until the sun comes up. This past year, my co-workers often saw me with pen and paper in hand, furiously writing my thoughts down on my breaks at work. Many evenings have been filled with me typing away on my personal computer or laptop (depending on whether I wanted to sit at my desk or on the couch), getting writings into a cohesive story or blog.

But mornings are still my favorite time to write when I get the chance. I savor the mornings. I drink them in, letting the new rays of light wash me over as I handwrite or let my fingers dance across the letters on the keyboard. I think these days are magical.

But then again, every day is magical if you know where to look. Every day is a new story to write, if you think about it.

Keep being magical. Keep looking for the moments. And always keep writing your own story.

If you liked this blog post and wanted to see some of the fantasy works I have written, check out my Portals Series. If you are interested in my other online endeavors, check out the drop down menu.

And as always, #writeyourownstory

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