Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It’s traditionally a day associated with love, romance, and of course, a ancient saint from Roman times.

I have mixed feelings about the day and always have. On one hand, it’s an over-commercialized day filled with a bunch of expectations and hype and let downs. But on the other hand, it’s also a day to celebrate loved ones and even friends. Some years, even being married as I have been for the past nearly fifteen years, I haven’t celebrated it. Life got in the way, stuff has happened, and well, sometimes I just don’t feel like celebrating. Other years, I have gone all out. As I get older, I find that simple is better. I treat friends with little gifts and family with cards, but I don’t go with all of the hype. I try to make the day about others as much as I am spoiled by the hubby. And yes, he tries, some years, to spoil me a great deal.

This year, like most others, the hubby and I are making a nice dinner at home and just spending the evening together…. tonight though instead of tomorrow night since we both work. We did exchange practical gifts to each other this morning…. a new dress shirt for work for him and some small gifts and chocolate for me. But it’s also the fact that we surprise each other with little things over the weeks and months that follow that make our love stronger.

My mom used to get my siblings and I little valentines and quirky gifts for this day. We’d wake up for school and find some candy with our already packed lunches… one year I received a milkshake glass with a purple stuffed bear in it… I actually have kept both over the years. The bear is sitting on a shelf as a valentine’s decoration whilst the glass get used any time I make a root beer float or milkshake or smoothie. Some years, we just got a card and a candy bar, but Mom tried to make the day special for us. I try, most years, to do the same for others. Even a piece of candy and a little classroom valentine can make someone’s day if they aren’t expecting it

I know people who hate the day. Whether it’s because they are single and don’t have anyone to celebrate with or just have strong memories associated with the day they would rather forget or any plethora of reasons, they don’t celebrate. That’s okay. I get it. I’ve been there, even in recent memory. Each year is different and circumstances are different for everyone.

My hope is that each person reading this find their own way to celebrate (or not celebrate the day) and make the most of it. Whether it’s binge watching a television show or movie series, buying yourself a Valentine’s day gift since no one else will, mourning loved ones and celebrating the time you spent with them, working all day, showering others with love or just being alone, find a way to make the day magical for yourself. Find a way that works for you. Find a way that is unique or copy someone else, whatever your style. Just keep writing your story, just as we all do. And stay magical!

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