What Ifs

I constantly have some sort of a story going on in my head.

It’s been a lifelong thing. I joke that I hear “voices” in my head but the “voices” I hear are bits of stories. It has always been this way for me. I am always carrying on a running monologue in my brain, even if the story is just about what I am doing that day.

And now that NaNoWriMo is officially over (and I won! Yay!), I can put aside the challenge novel I wrote and work on the story that has been yelling at me for weeks now on the sidelines.

For you see, I thought that with the twelve novellas I have already written and am working on publishing now, I would be done with my now beloved characters in my Portals Series. I thought I could find something else to write about. After all, I have some genealogy things I have been trying to work on in my free time. I could write a few more history articles on things I enjoy. Or I could edit and publish the NaNoWriMo novel I just “finished” that is titled The Year of the Winding Road.

But instead, my brain is full of a new voices wanting me to put to paper their stories. Along with continuing the saga of the Portal Seeker, the Dynast and her Emissary and their friends and family, the voice of an old enemy has returned once again in my head. It may just be a small voice, but what if…..

What if Gorgonian were to wake from his slumber?

What if Evil tried to snuff out magic in other realms?

What if Erynnion had a story to tell?

What if…..

What if…..

I don’t know until I put pen to paper, since I often write out things by hand before I type them into my computer. The flow of my own cursive on lined paper (preferably college ruled) with black ink always seems to make my words flow better than just looking at a computer screen.

This may be just a dream….. After all, I have countless of ideas of stories that went no where. I have countless times I tried to write a saga and failed.

But then, I have six published works that tell me I am already successful in this endeavor. So what if?

What if I cotinue to write the story?

After all, Manda McKerlie, Robert Taylor Templeton the Third, Solilune of Delphian and Dynast Tetyana of the Realm of Original Magic would all tell you that the stories of their realms just aren’t done yet. So what if I let them continue?

If you’re interested in checking out the fantasy works I have written, check out my Portals Series. If you are interest in my other online endeavors, check out the drop down menu.

And as always, #WriteYourOwnStory

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