Storms in the morning

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This morning I was awakened from a deep sleep by a thunderstorm sometime around 430 or 445.

I say “sometime” because I am not entirely sure when I was awakened. I did check my fitness watch but the time doesn’t stick in my mind. It’s a detail I can’t recall. But there were so many other details I can recall nearly three hours later.

What I can recall is the momentary terror of waking up to what sounded like a cannon blast. There was a disorienting feeling of being awakened from a sound sleep and not knowing what happened. The second boom told me we were in the midst of a storm.

Even though they frightened me as a child, I have grown to love storms. There is a grace in the way the lightning flashes through the sky. There is a certain inspiration in the way the thunder rolls across the ground, shaking everything in its path with its soundwaves. There is a beauty in the rain that washed everything clean.

I lied in bed for a few moments listening to the thunder and watching the flashes of light illuminate the room, mesmerized at how bright it was since we have blackout curtains in our bedroom. Our bedroom window was open, so I heard every single crack of thunder in all its booming glory.

I got up and closed the window, since the storm also brought pouring rain and I didn’t need our walls soaked. I then climbed back into bed, snuggling up against my husband as I watched the storm, for the noise had awakened him too. Our two cats also came over to snuggle, since the storm woke us up, which meant we were fair game for giving them attention. It was nice to just lay lazily and sleepily in the bed, all of four of us, and just be.

I will likely be tired later, for I have a full day of work ahead of me and only dozed for a bit before hubby’s alarm went off an hour later, but I enjoy and relish the moments like I had this morning. While all was not calm, it was still wonderful to have a still moment. It was nice to have the snuggles with those I love the most in this world. It was nice to enjoy the ferocity of an autumn storm while safely enclosed in my little home.

It was nice just to be.

These are moments I live for.

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