New Short Story Available on Kindle

I am happy to announce that my newest short story, Child of the Sage, is now available on Kindle! This is the story of Silus, who is one of the main characters of the book Keeper of the Key. I will warn you that if you chose to read this as a stand alone, there are a few spoilers in it (and some stuff that won’t be clear unless you read the books first), since it is meant to be read AFTER the three books. But, if you would rather just read the short stories, it can be read instead of the books as well.

Silus of Delphian has spent his entire life trying to avoid being like his father, the Necromancer Erynnion. Instead, he focuses on the magic he inherited from his mother Phoebe. As he comes of age as the heir to the position of the Sybil, he feels he will never be ready for the position. Some see him as a usurper and a thief of magic. Can Silus prove his worth and withstand certain perils that threaten everything he holds dear? Can he show the realm of Delphian he is indeed the child of the sage?

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